The Helium 10 package of tools

One of Helium 10’s most effective tools is the Chrome extension, which provides tons of fascinating information about every product available on Amazon. Thanks to this extension you can know, for example, the products that a seller has in his inventory calculate the profitability of a specific product or download the reviews of a product from the competition in seconds. To know more about Amazon websites you can visit the below link:

  • Black Box

With the help of this tool, you can locate products that are already available on Amazon and learn more about the level of competition and sales in each market segment. Helium 10’s algorithm and the filters available in this tool make it possible to almost instantly learn strategic information like monthly sales or the number of rivals who offer the same product.

  • Trendster

It enables the analysis of a product’s sales pattern. Trendster determines whether a product’s sales are seasonal or constant throughout the year, operating similarly to Google Trends. Everything mostly depends on the item you want to sell on Amazon and the market niche you are in.

  • Magnet

This capable tool is one of the most popular ones for conducting keyword research for the goods you want to sell on Amazon. The tool provides a keyword, and many high quality keywords are generated from it for both Amazon SEO positioning and Amazon Ads campaigns.You may quickly identify the most pertinent keywords to improve traffic and sales by using Magnet’s many filters.

  • Brain

Cerebro, makes it easier to create a list of keywords for placing a certain product, whether it be one of your own or one of the rivals. Simply copy the ASIN code of the product you wish to research and Cerebro will generate a list of keywords that the product is ranking for.

This analysis offers a wealth of data on rivals, organic positioning, search volume, and many other indicators to select the necessary keywords. You can also utilize a number of filters on this tool to focus your searches.

  • Frankenstein

Based on a list of keywords, such as those that may be created with Magnet or Cerebro, for example, this program generates lists of keywords that result in sales. Outside of Helium 10, you may also import lists of search phrases. You can get a list of relevant search terms for the seller to better position their products by adjusting the parameters provided by Frankenstein. By removing all prepositions from the keyword list, Frankenstein creates a new list of terms that will be able to increase traffic and sales.

  • Scribbles

This program is in charge of improving Amazon listings. You can import listings that are already live on Amazon, but it only works with lists that are imported from Frankenstein. In order to give data regarding the effectiveness of those keywords, Scribbles automatically crawls the search phrases that have been utilized and where. The tool crosses these words out to show when they are being used.