What are the best things about being a freelancer

In a world with an increasing trend of globalization, more and more projects are done with freelancers and there are hundreds of jobs that can be practiced in this system.

To see if your skills or competencies are in line with the trend and if freelancing is an option for you, I have gathered in the article information about the most important things you need to know if you are going to work as a freelancer.

What is a freelancer and how do you start such a career

A freelancer is a person who offers a service in exchange for a sum of money, the difference from an employee being that the former is not long-term related to the employer and that he can change it as often as he wants. You can work in any field you want, whether we are talking about copywriting or financial management services.

In addition, the way he negotiates the price he asks for is different from the situation when it comes to a salary, but also the taxes he pays are lower. A freelancer is free to be involved in a single project with one or more clients, which depends largely on him.

The latest studies on show that more and more young people under 35 choose this option and that in the next 10 years half of the jobs now on the market will be done with freelancers. In addition, the same studies show that freelancers earn up to 44% more than when they were hired.

What are the advantages of a career as a freelancer

Most of those who have chosen to work as freelancers consider that the biggest advantages you have in this position are the program, more precisely the fact that you are not connected to an office on the system from 9 to 5 and the place where you work, which you choose every time.

There are several reasons why a person would choose to work freelance. The most attractive thing for many of us would be the fact that you can work from anywhere – many platforms advertise that you can work even on the beach, at the end of the world. Other benefits that freelancers enjoy can be read below.

You can earn more than you could as an employee

 You can work as a freelancer in parallel with a job until you get enough relationships to have projects to rely on.

You have a high degree of independence

You have no boss and colleagues. If you feel the need to interact with other people, you can go to coworking spaces.

You do your schedule the way you like, you don’t have to go to the office in the morning.

You are not limited by space, you can take projects from anywhere in the world if your knowledge, skills, and experience allow.

What disadvantages can you have if you choose a freelance activity

Like anything, freelance work has disadvantages, but it is very important to realize which ones have the greatest impact on you. From the uncertainty given by the absence of a fixed and constant income to health problems that you may have working too many hours is not very good conditions, you must also have a precise picture of the disadvantages that such a choice entails.

The disadvantages of a freelancer may be less than the advantages, but for many of us, they carry more weight. Below are some things that will make you think twice before giving up your current job.

  • You do not have a fixed income, so you cannot easily rely on a monthly amount, as is the case with salary.
  • You have to be excellent in terms of organization because when you don’t work according to a fixed schedule, the temptation is to consider that you have enough time to do them all and you risk missing important deadlines.
  • Your professional development depends only on you and, if you can’t find effective ways to grow in your field and find out as many potential clients as possible about it, you may not be able to earn as much as you want.